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Sorry, Chief; We're Hanging with Link Now

Here's something I never thought I'd write: Vickie wants a game console.

Yes, folks, read it again: My wife, Vickie, has actually expressed interest in owning a video game console: specifically, the Nintendo Wii. She mentioned it today, after stumbling across a video on NineMSN showing people playing various games using the Wii Remote. Vickie reckoned it looked like heaps of fun, and frankly, I can't really disagree with her. Much as I'd like to play Halo 3, it's the only reason I'm interested in an Xbox 360 (except, maybe, Halo Wars and Gears of War).

Plus, I really like the idea of playing something with Vickie; the only co-op gaming we've ever done has been Neverwinter Nights, which I've not bothered re-installing since the rebuild, and although she has on the rare occasion asked why I don't involve her with playing the Xbox, suggestions of co-op Halo have rarely been met with enthusiasm from Vickie - due in equal parts to the complexity of a first-person shooter and her fully-paid membership in the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Grunts.

The only problem is that we really can't afford one. We have some serious credit card debt to pay off over the coming year and rising costs across the board has seen our personal weekly allowances drop from $40 each to $20 each. So if we each socked $5 away a week, we'd still be looking at forty weeks before we could buy a Wii (and then there's the need for an extra controller). Our savings are already depleted and haven't been replenished for a month now (especially with Christmas fast approaching) and we've got plenty of other hefty things - electricity, rates, new tires for the car - we have to save for.

Before you ask, no, I don't want to trade the Xbox in unless it's for an Xbox 360 - I'm playing through Halo again (on Heroic, warming up to Legendary) and loving it (die, you rotten, little, genocidal, squeaky-voiced bastards)!

I suddenly find myself wondering how much my Heavy Gear RPG collection will fetch on eBay...

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You're probably not at all surprised, but K and I bought a Wii, I went and got it on launch day even :)

It's very good! Took it to work and had fun with the workmates, Wii sports is a great pack-in for hooking non-gamers!

If I were you I'd wait till at least march to get one if you're worried about money. At the moment Wii sports and Zelda are about the only good titles out there.

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