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Telstra, We've Had A Problem...

Something screwy is going on in our ADSL modem. Before I left for work yesterday morning, it was working fine; by the time Vickie got up and went to her PC, though, its "always-on" connection had switched off and powring the modem off and on again didn't get it back. It seemed like general network trouble, and the automated phone message Vickie received when she first called BigPond's tech support line mentioend there were problems, but we still couldn't connect after those were resolved.

I spent some time on the phone last night with Telstra BigPond's technical support to no avail; they've kicked the issue up to Level 2 tech support who'll get back to us in the next two business days. In the meantime, the only Internet access either of us has is my work access, which I must be careful with.

So if you don't see either of us on Skype, ICQ, Yahoo! or MSN over the next few days, or your e-mails go unanswered for a bit, we're not ignoring you.

You could, of course, give us a ring if you have our number...

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