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Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme

After rabbiting on about RPGs and PCs for a while, it’s time I posted about something else.

Firstly and most importantly, I’d like to give Vickie some public love; it’s two weeks and two days since her last cigarette and she’s been going great guns so far!

Secondly, Vickie’s most recent post on her website discusses our plans for next Christmas. One of her bullet points mentioned that the both of us are getting involved in a youth mentoring programme, and I’d like to write a little more about that.

The programme in question is the Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme. On the first of October, Vickie and I attended a charity event organised at the Reef Hotel Casino on their behalf. Several mentors and mentees discussed the programme, what’s involved and how it helps… I dunno, I keep trying and failing to come up with a term that’s not as detached and potentially condescending as “young people”, so I’ll trust you get the idea. By the end of it, Vickie and I had both decided to sign up (the good casino tucker probably helped get us into an amenable mood).

As I understand it, once we’re each assigned a youngster, we meet with them every other weekend for a couple of hours. It’s a little scary; some of those mentors took their kids out fishing and did all sorts of outdoors-y stuff I’m not particularly good at. It took Vickie to remind me of the things I am good at that I could share with a mentee (there has to be a better word than that as well; it sounds like a mint or some such), like writing.

Back in October, the next full-weekend training session was October 14th-15th, which we couldn’t attend as I’d already organised the gamers’ get-together for the Saturday. The next one after that is the first weekend in February, but we have an initial interview is tomorrow night in Manunda.

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