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Resolutions for 2007

Okay, utterly blowing past the obligatory Christmas post which I didn't write anyway, it's resolution time! Before we start on 2007's resolutions, let's just take a look back at the ones I set for 2006, shall we? Nope, didn't learn to cook. PERL and server maintenance? Excuse me while I overcome a fit of hysterical laughter. Finding and/or making more Cairns gamers I actually managed to pull off, although most of the ones I met last year had just moved into town. Xbox Live, yeah, but didn't use it that much and let the subscription die in favour of buying Christmas presents for, you know, other people. In fact, any spending money on game-related product didn't go anywhere near as planned; none of the games listed in that post I actually bought. System Link Xbox games? Nup.

Well, as my main New Year's Resolution is to clear as much credit card debt as I can, I have the feeling I won't be buying any new gaming product (outside of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade, which will come out of the Christmas money from Dad that doesn't go on four new tyres). But I do still have some gaming-specific resolutions:

  • Run some Dogs in the Vineyard for my wife. I managed to get Vickie involved in the hobby a little while after we met, but she admits she usually goes with the flow when I try and involve her in a given game - except Dogs, which is pretty much the only game she's actually asked me to run. I'm not about to let an opportunity to run a game my wife is actually keen on pass me by, so with any luck I'll be able to run a game in a couple of weeks using a town I cooked up.
  • Run a solid, engaging campaign until its natural end. The last time I achieved this was (I think) 1997; a game of Macross II: The RPG using the adventures from Dream Pod 9's Deck Plans books. The last time I tried this (the first time since that Macross II campaign, I'm pretty sure) was a couple of years ago, a faltering Heavy Gear campaign that collapsed in late 2004 after six or seven sessions. This time around, I'm keen on using a set of rules that gives the whole campaign some kind of structure, like Burning Empires or Primetime Adventures. I'm more than open to an ongoing Dogs in the Vineyard game, though.
  • Get some regular time on the other side of the GM screen. I think it's fair to say that most of my gaming time has been spent as a game master, the reason mostly being because I liked the control over the game-universe (possibly also because I thought, with all the stuff the GM gets to do, being a player would be comparatively boring). Nowadays I'm relaxing my gaming attitude, and I'm more keen to find out what I've been missing. The good news is, a couple of people I know are keen on running some high-level AD&D soon, so with any luck I'll be able to get into a regular game sooner rather than later!
  • Establish a monthly get-together for Cairns gamers. I've definitely become a subscriber to the idea that better games arise when peole have a chance to get to know each other away from the gaming table. Last October I managed to organise a successful get-together, and I've got one in the works for the second Saturday in January. I intend to raise the subject of making it a regular deal then.

Oh, yeah, and play/GM some of the stuff that's been lurking, read but un-used, on my gaming shelves, games like Sorcerer, Nine Worlds, The Shadow of Yesterday (especially keen on that one), Lacuna Pt. I (second attempt) and, maybe, Eberron. Then there are the games I'd like to re-use, like InSpectres, octaNe and Paranoia XP.

I have the feeling that, with this set of resolutions, I have a good chance of getting a green on the dashboard for 2007 (sorry, corporate-speak there). Anyway, Vickie and I will be seeing the New Year in at a friend's place at Clifton Beach, just south of Port Douglas. Enjoy your fireworks, peons!

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