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Happy New Year 2007!

Happy New Year, everybody! Sorry about the peons crack earlier – well, okay, I’m not, really. I just get so few chances to gloat about living in the tropics! I assure you, the fact that your New Year’s Day is probably more comfortable than ours is revenge enough; I’m sitting here at my keyboard, sweat pouring off of me.

Last night was good fun. Clifton Beach is closer to Cairns than I thought it was; we didn’t have to navigate the twisty coast road that runs up to Port Douglas and Mossman. Naturally, Vickie and I turned up at Shelley and Pete’s first, and friends and neighbours turned up later. The only downers were that (a) it was bloody humid – there’s a row of houses and big palms between their place and the beach, so offshore breezes are virtually nonexistent – and (b) we had to drive home so I had to be careful of my alcohol consumption. Good thing, too; we were pulled over by two different RBT teams between Edge Hill and Mulgrave Road!

Shelley and Pete were great hosts and most of their friends were fun to chat with, too (the others we don’t know about yet, we simply didn’t get around to talking to them). Shelley has a tradition of getting a couple of buckets of KFC chicken on New Year’s, and I probably would’ve gorged on it, but between the pasta dinner Vickie and I had earlier and the spread of cheese, crackers, veggie strips and dip Shelley put out not long after we arrived, I was able to limit my consumption of fast food and grease! Pete, being the muse-o he is, saw us into 2007 with a saxophone rendition of Auld Langs Ayne and, as I’m so fond of writing, a good time was had by all.

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