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Leaving Over Christmas

Hello everyone! Apologies for the lack of posts recently; it’s just been so quiet and hot lately that I’ve not been at the computer too often – and when I have, it’s been to sate a new addiction. More on that later, though. This post is a little sombre, and I don’t want to switch moods in the same post.

Christmas was good. We spent breakfast and dinner at Karl and Jodie’s, coming home in between for a spot of light lunch. There were no family dramas, thankfully, although I think that may have been due to the family crisis. Rather than dwell on the details, let me just say that Jodie’s brother-in-law Kent suffered an aneurysm on the Friday before Christmas and passed away on the Thursday after. He left behind his wife Sheree (Jodie’s sister), daughters Tennille and Teagan and son Isaac. Teagan had only been born a few months earlier. The funeral service was Friday week ago, and most of Aloomba, the town just south of Gordonvale where Kent lived, turned out for it.

In between, on the Thursday after Christmas, Vickie and I, Karl and Jodie and Deena (Vickie’s daughter) trucked out to Aloomba while Kent’s family were still in Brisbane and cleaned up their place; a couple of friends of the family also pitched in, bringing supplies from the local supermarkets (who had donated gift vouchers) and washing the family’s clothes.

I’m back at work now, and things are slowly starting to pick up after the Christmas quiet. I was told when I started that the media industry has a significant turnover, but it’s been pretty massive over the last six months or so. Two more people handed in their resignations in the last couple of weeks; once they go, there’ll only be one person in my department who’s been there since before I started. I will state here, as I have verbally on several occasions, that the people who’ve come in since I started at my position have been good folk, and I hope the trend continues; still, those going will definitely be missed.

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