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Gamers' Get Together II

Okay, now for some good news.

Today was the second Cairns Gamers’ Get-Together. You may remember that I organised the first in October last year. This one was also a success. Attendance wasn’t perfect; Vickie has unfortunately been under the weather for the past few days, Scott cancelled last night due to family commitments and I called Bruce half an hour into the get-together to discover he couldn’t come along (snowed under with school stuff). However, I was very glad to see that both Simon and Cristel, whose attendance was contingent on the availability of babysitters (which is why they couldn’t make it to the October meet), were indeed able to come – in fact, they arrived within a minute of myself, and I was a quarter of an hour early. They got to meet Tracey and Brett, and I was glad to see that everyone got along great. I took a camera, but forgot to make sure it had batteries, a fact that made Cristel and Tracey happy.

We met up at the Courthouse Hotel again; although I asked whether anyone had another preference, there was one vote for the Courthouse (made by, as it turned out, the bloke I had to call to find out whether he was coming) and none against. Still, the subject of future venues was raised when I made it known that I’d like to make the get-together a monthly thing. Somewhere with a child-minding facility was a strong preference; Simon, Cristel, Tracey and Brett all have young children (Brett brought his infant son Lachlan with him today). Tracey suggested Brothers Leagues Club, and I’m going to give them a ring to find out what exactly they do. I think you have to be a member to take advantage of their facilities, but as annual membership is only $5, that’s not a big deal.

We discussed actual gaming at some point in the future, and I suggested doing something of some sort on the Australia Day Long Weekend, especially as it’s only two weeks away. Vickie and I have the vague feeling that we’re going to b e busy with something on the coming weekend, although we’re not sure what. Gaming tastes, of course, came up; on the list of Things People Are Keen To Play/GM are AD&D 2nd Edition, Shadowrun 2nd./3rd., Burning Empires, Paranoia, Rolemaster and Dogs in the Vineayrd. So we’ll definitely be doing one or more of those in the near future, and hopefully we’ll be able to get the Two Recent Arrivals (neither of whom were available today) in for some game!

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