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Oh, Yeah, The New Addiction...

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. Oh, it rocks my socks in a way that no computer game since Dune II/2000 has. All of the skrimish goodness of regular Dawn of War plus a territory-based strategy game. None of this being stuck on one mission in a linear storyline bollocks! Losing is interesting again! I'm playing through as the Imperial Guard at the moment; I've obviously still got to get the hang of the Tau before I get serious with them.

I'm gonna have to get Cam, Gav and Tony back together again for some versus multiplayer...

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Can you take me off your email list?
Now your blog is syndicated to my friends page, I dont' need to get the emails anymore.


What? You want to leave my list? After we've had so much time together? Just because you can, like, see me anytime you want on your LiveJournal anyway?

Well fine. Go on, then. Go! See if I care, you hussy! It's always been about when it's good for you, hasn't it? But I'll be the bigger person! I'll remove your e-mail address like you asked. Don't you turn around, because you'll see my heart brteaking and I just (choke) don't think I could take that...

She dumps me via comment? I feel so (sob) used!

Well... I could've dumped you via SMS?
And it's not so much a dumping, but a saving your bandwidth. no more uploading emails to me to your mail server!
and... like distancing yourself from anything microsoft has to be a good thing, right?

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