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InSpecting Frustration

Hello, everyone. The last week or so has been – well, exhausting, but not particularly busy. It’s just been so damned hot up here!

Long Weekend Gaming seemed like a good idea at the time, but although the gang at the meet-up were generally accepting of the idea, responses to the e-mails I sent out were slim. Instead, I had more interest in running a game on the weekend just gone, and not from any of the gang who turned up to the get-together! Patrick and Scott, the two guys who recently moved to Cairns, were keen for some game, any game, so I organised a session starting at 1PM on Sunday the 21st. I hoped I’d be able to run the Fires Over Omac demo for Burning Empires, but Vickie had previously made clear that she found the main enemy in Burning Empires repulsive, and the demo needs at least three players. And although Vickie is keen on Dogs in the Vineyard, she’s still suffering from not just neuralgia but also toothache (more on that later).

Right when things were looking down, though, I got an e-mail from one of the last people was I expecting: Bruce, who as schoolteacher and head of the English department is busy as heck with the leadup to first term 07. I shouldn’t have counted my chickens, though. Right as Bruce turned up, I got a phone call from Scott. Scott's brother had called him right at the last minute; the brother's PC (er, sorry - the desktop computer kind of PC), which was needed for work the next day, suddenly decided to commit suicide, and Scott got called in to fix it. He said he'd make it as soon as he could, but when I called him at about three PM, Scott told me he'd kicked, yelled at and thrown his brother's PC into the pool; finally, he cannibalised parts of an older PC to get his brother's unit (barely) operating. He didn't expect to get to our place any time soon.

Patrick arrived not long after, and we played some Chez Geek in the hope of Scott’s situation resolving itself quickly, but by 3PM I suggested we slap some characters and a franchise together for InSpectres. The suggestion was accepted and fun was had! In fact, Bruce was so impressed with the game he reckons he'll buy himself a copy from Memento Mori soon.

You know, it's interesting; I get all these grand plans for games, and I wind up running InSpectres instead. I think I'll just get every gamer I know in the one place, get them to co-design characters and a franchise, and whenever any of them feel like a game, I'll run that!

So, still hoping to salvage some gaming on the Long Weekend, I sent some e-mails out again a few days ago. I had some interest, in a few cases pending availability of babysitters. But today, Vickie’s grand-daughter Brook announced that she’s sick and tired of Melbourne (understandable; life’s been fairly shitty for her down there lately) and wants to move up here within the next couple of weeks. We’ll put her up for a little while, which means we need to get back into renovating in order to get the spare room painted. So that’s what we’ll be doing over the Long Weekend.

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