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I'the Heat

Our computers have been suffering a bit lately. Vickie's has had some program instability and even blue screen trouble, while mine managed to lock itself up twice tonight. It's been pretty darned hot lately, which probably explains a lot; in fact, Vickie's CPU fan has been shutting down intermittently. I'm thankful that she's got that whopping great 12cm fan on her case's side panel; I dread to think how worse it could have been without it.

I've got a new CPU fan and heatsink on order. We were expecting it to arrive on Tuesday, but thanks to some warehousing problems and delays with the courier company, it'll be Monday before we actually get the damned thing.

I'm also thinking about upgrading my rear extraction fan from an 8cm to a 12cm fan. I'd like to get another blue-light fan, but I think those are a little hard to get a hold of at the moment (and more expensive), so a regular black fan will do. In the meantime, I've shifted my PC case such that the grille on the side panel is actually open to air, although still out of the main airflow.

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