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Partway Unhacked

At twenty to eleven this morning, I sent an e-mail out to IMAGinewS:

If you try to get to any of the herstik.com websites at the moment, you'll see a nice little message from a lovely person who decided that he or she had nothing better to do than commit gross site vandalism. It seems this person struck sometime in the last hour or two. Marcus is looking into fixing the problem at the moment; hopefully our sites will be restored to us soon.

Well, Marcus has been hard at work all day (missing out on a friend's barbeque) and as you can see, IMAGinES is back up, shy only a couple of posts! Unfortunately, Midustouch isn't yet, nor is the main herstik.com website. We're not the customers Marcus has, so he's still hard at work as I type this. If you're anywhere near him, go give him some love and pizza. Tell him Vickie and I sent you.

UPDATE: Actually, IMAGinES isn't shy any posts at all! Marcus said that it was only the index pages that got over-written, and he would've restoed them from an earlier backup, but the Movable Type back-end, where the latest posts were saved, was untouched! Adding this post rebuilt the front pgae, so back the other recent posts came!

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Woo hoo ... it appears I am almost as good as I think I am.

Cheers Rob for the encouragement of people to bring me love & pizza ... I know the delivery guy takes ages to get here from Cairns.

PIM me if there are other issues dude.

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