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Rita Coolage

I mentioned in a recent posting that Vickie's and my PCs are suffering in the Cairns heat. Here's what I've ordered to fix the problems and where I've ordered them from.

  • From Sanity Computers:
    • A Spire WhisperRock V Socket 478 CPU heatsink and fan. This, combined with the 12cm case fan mounted on the side panel of Vickie's PC, should keep her system comfortably cool.
  • From PC Case Gear:
    • A 9.2cm blue LED case fan. Vickie currently has a regular 8cm fan mounted at the back of her case, but as it has mountings for a 9.2, I think it's worth getting the largest it can take, especially after the last week or two.
    • A Scythe 12cm blue LED case fan. LIke Vickie, I've also got an 8cm fan mounted at the back of my case (although my one's a blue LED fan), but after my PC froze up, I want to get a bit more airflow through. My Ammo 533 has mountings for a 12, so why not? Besides, I can always put the spare blue 8cm fan on the side panel of Karl's PC...
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hi ya Rob...i need help with something I deleted on my computer. Not sure if this was the place to ask or email you behind the scenes???

hugs, maryedna

I don't know zip about computers, so can't comment abut this topic, but like your whole place here.

Hi, Maryedna,

Probably the best thing to do would be to get in touch with me via Instant Message; that way, you can tell me exactly what's wrong and I can give suggestions immediately.

Do you use any Instant Messaging programs, like ICQ, Windows Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger?

Chuck me an e-mail!



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