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Final PC Quibbles

On a mentoring-unrelated note, we've had a little more trouble with our PCs over the last couple of days. The new fans went into our cases with little trouble, and when I transfer the guts of Karl's PC into his new case he'll have two 8cm blue LED fans, one on the side panel and one on the rear chassis for extraction. However, Vickie's Microsoft Natural keyboard, bought barely six months ago, started not responding to the "Favourite 1" key - then the "X" key - then the "P" key. I tried putting it on my PC, but to no avail. I'm going to truck it back into Harvey Norman sometime this week and see whether they can replace it.

Then my PC, which seemed to be running hotter than it was before I installed the extra 12cm fan - froze, then blue-screened last night. I had a look at the case - and wondered why there didn't seem to be much air coming out of the rear of it. Removal of the side-panel showed the cause - I'd put the new fan in back-to-front, so that it was sucking air (including hot air from the power supply's extraction fans) back into the case. A quick spin of the screw-gun saw the problem fixed, and now my PC case is very cool, literally and figuratively - the larger fan means a larger light, which means I can see my internal components through the side panel now!

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