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My PC is on FIRE!

Well, it nearly was. Very nearly. You know that freezing problem I mentioned in that last post about the cooling fans I was buying? It didn't go away after I installed them. Instead, it started happening within five minutes of starting or resetting my PC. Every time. I thought it may have been the hard drive for a while, but I decided on Saturday to take my PC apart, clean the contacts and put it back together again - whereupon I discovered the burn marks on the earth contacts of my power supply. I immediately unscrewed it from the case, but I don't have another one of comparable wattage (or greater, as I'm pretty sure the burning was due to an underpowered system) to replace it - so until next pay, my PC is uttterly inactive.

It's great timing, too; on top of all the other expenses we've had lately, I'll need to shell out another $150. The original PSU was a 460-Watt model and I'd like to go up to 550 Watts to be safe, but they're a little on the expensive side. Still, there is a 560W PSU going for $130...

In the meantime, both Vickie's and Brook's PCs have been complaining in the very intense heat we've had up here in the past couple of days, so much so that Vickie's leaving hers off during the day. Yes, that new heatsink and rear case fan have been installed in Vickie's PC. I think that the current heat is simply asking too much of almost any system shy of a water-cooled one, and the computer room and Brook's room have always been the best rooms in the house for retaining heat.

Oh, speaking of computer power supplies, did you know that there is now a one kiloWatt PSU? Seriously, how much hardware would you have in your box in order to require that much power? It's got a cooling fan bigger than the ones in my case! Jeez, you wouldn't want anything else in your house switched on in case you blew all the fuses...

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