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Downs and Ups

As you might’ve gathered over the last few posts, it’s been a little hard going at Riverstone Road since the New Year. Christmas was immediately followed by a spate of birthdays, so what little post-Xmas cash we had was rapidly drained by even more presents. The gamers’ get-togethers over the past couple of months went ahead, but Vickie couldn’t make the Janaury one due to illness and we both had to bow out of the February one due to the aforementioned money squeeze – I wound up owing one of my workmates twenty dollars for the farewell lunch thrown for another of my colleagues, and I still owe Gav $15 for some comics I asked him to scrounge up for me.

Let’s not by any means forget Vickie, who had that horrid double-attack of neuralgia and toothache. The auction of my Heavy Gear books on eBay in order to cover some dental surgery managed to attract several watchers but no buyers. Thankfully, both of Vickie's pains eased – leading us to think that the toothache was just another symptom of the neuralgia – but with the heat over the last couple of days, Vickie’s getting pains around her abdomen. My poor love has no luck sometimes!

Vickie’s not the only one with heat-related ailments. As previously reported, our computers have been suffering under the heat and mine has committed suicide. So, yet more money.

Finally, Brook, who arrived in town last Tuesday evening, had her first day of school yesterday and is finding it pretty dull.

Enough whingeing. What about the good stuff?

Well, starting the good stuff where I finished whingeing, Brook is up here and settling in well. She’s helping me walk Zelda and Ziggy of a morning, which means they’re nice and quiet for Vickie during the day. (I’m half-dreading having to walk them on my own once Brook moves to Karl and Jodie’s.) Plus, she’s managed to land a job; her first shift at the Caltex across the road is this evening!

For seconds, I got a phone call from Anita at the Mentoring Scheme. They’ve picked out a kid for me to mentor; I’ll be meeting him and his family this coming Tuesday night!

For thirds, although we couldn’t make it to last Saturday’s gamers’ get-together, I was glad to see that a game came out of it! Simon’s organising him some MegaTraveller and he already has a few people signed up. I’ll have to see about getting in on it!

Oh, and finally, just when I was worried about a Valentine’s Day present, Amy (the co-worker whom I owed $20) just handed me an Admit Two pass to a screening of the new Hugh Grant chick-flick Music & Lyrics tonight, so I’m dragging Vickie out to see it!

Goodness abounds!

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Dude, don't worry about the cash. As I said, when you can afford it - I'm in no hurry. Besides, another week or so and there's good odds I'd have forgotten entirely about it. :)

So yeah, don't worry about it at all OK?

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