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Slogging Uphill

The past few days haven’t been really bad or anything, but I’m still wishing that the universe would stop trying to teach us something for a little while.

It’s been raining pretty heavily up this way lately. I’m not sure why I mention it, as the rain really hasn’t been giving us much trouble, but it’s been there.

We’ve not had much luck putting some cash aside for a new power supply for my PC. We’re already behind on saving for quite a few bills, and the rates – five hundred or so dollars of them – are due this coming Thursday. We can cover them, but we’ll be short a bit for a while, and we’re already overdue on heartworm medicine for our dogs.

On top of that, the car is just about due for its 60,000 Km service – and on top of that, the ABS warning light suddenly switched itself on on Tuesday morning. According to the user’s manual, the brakes themselves are till fine, but the system that stops the wheels from locking up when you put the pedal to the floor is no longer working. I’ve called the local Ford dealer, but we won’t have any money to do anything seriously about it until this time next month.

I tried getting together with my Burning Empires group on Wednesday to finish off World Burning and get the first few stages of Character Burning – which must be done as a group – out of the way. Unfortunately, Scott was a no-show; his mobile has been off since we got together last weekend and we had no other way of reaching him. Tracey, Patrick and I managed to get some stuff nailed down, but we’re still waiting on Scott before we can go any further.

Still, let me not give you the impression that all is frustrated. I’m meeting with the manager of our local Bendigo Bank on Monday about an extension on our loan; we want enough to pay off both our credit cards, which are both maxed out (I’ll be cancelling mine once it’s paid off, after which I’ll be closing our Credit Union joint account; we’ve been using the Bendigo for the last year), plus maybe a grand to bring car, PC and vet bills back up to speed and get a couple more things done around the house. Brook's rent has also been a big help in keeping us in groceries.

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Maybe you should just give up on the PC and get an Xbox 360 instead! It has Wing Commander now! XD

Heh heh! Sure, Hayama, you evil tempting voice in my ear, you! I'm trying to get OUT of debt! :-D

Lucky for you it's a completely out of character arcadey asteroids style game then :P

While I'm here there's an awesome history of cRPGs 1985-1993 up if you'd like 9 pages of nostalgia:

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