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Something In The Water

It must be, I'm sure of it. This ache in my gut that I've had for a week gets worse whenever I send a glass of water down to clear things up. I've seen the doctor, who say's it's something viral, with an outside chance of it being giardia. Anyway, I've spent Monday, yesterday and half of today off work; the two and a half days I was there weren't particularly fun.

I've got my first meeting with my mentee tomorrow, and after a day of rest (occupied mainly with Burnout 3) I should be okay for it. I can't really tell you how it goes afterward, as part of the mentoring arrangement is an agreement to privacy - I can't even tell Vickie. Speaking of my darling, she's finally received her blue card in the mail, so with any luck she'll get a call from CYMS about a potential mentee soon.

With any luck, Tracey, Patrick, Scott and I will be getting together on Wednesday night to get some more prep done for Burning Empires. Poor Scott, it turns out, was missing the week before last due to a sudden, extended trip to the hospital!

Oh, and here's something that happened in the last week. When Vickie and I originally told Brook that I was going to be dragging Karl off to see Transformers around my birthday (according to the Birch Carroll & Coyle website it opens here a couple of days before the US - so do we see it on opening night or wait nine days for my actual birthday? Agonising decisions...), Brook was amusedly dismissive. Then, about a week ago, I was looking at the movie website again and decided to play the trailers ('cos I can't get enough). Vickie and Brook walked into the computer room in the middle of a conversation, and Brook decided to check what I was watching out. From memory, her reaction was something along the lines of, "THAT'S Transformers?" I said words to the effect of, "Yeah! So you want to see it now?" She expressed an opinion similar to, "Oh yeah! I thought it was going to be a kids' movie."

Now, not long afterwards, my Voyager-Class Optimus Prime was pointed out to Brook, who had a go at transforming him (he was in truck mode at the time). Anyway, I pulled up Hasbro's Transformers toy site and went to the page with the info on the movie toys that were at the International Toy Fair. I showed her the Leader-Class Optimus Prime (US$40, maybe I can scrape it together...), but here eye was caught by no less than (if you've not opened that last link yet, do so and scroll to the bottom) Ultimate Bumblebee. I can see why; just look at those pictures. And that list of features. (Try not to look at the price.) She was very insistent that I buy one. (Seriously, try not to look at the price.)

You know, she might be just a step-granddaughter, but I think we must be related somehow. Or maybe it's just something in the water.

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We hope you feel better soon Rob.

You didn't have to say anything about mentoring: we've said it for you - http://homeschoolingaspergers.blogspot.com/2007/03/mentors-bowling-fishing-and-dragons.html

Boy had a fantastic time and is thoroughly looking forward to fishing. I may never be able to pull him away from his new Dawn of War game though!

I had to look at the price tag. OUCH! I hope it is a toy built to last.

Thanks for the re-assurance, Megan! Both yourself and Vickie have reminded me that the privacy agreement isn't as restrictive as I thought.

I was gonna suggest meeting up with Boy for a battle or two once my PC is up and running again - but we don't want to encourage him too much! :-D

You're not the only one, Dan! I'd probably put him on the shelf next to the other three - then again, at over a foot tall he'd overwhelm them!

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