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The Local Gamers' Curse

You know, there must be a curse of some kind on Cairns gaming. When I called Vickie earlier this morning about something else, she mentioned an e-mail sent by Cristel, Simon's missus and fellow gamer. Turns out poor Simon's been felled by a stomach bug, quite possibly similar to the one that knocked me about last week (not that I've been within a kilometre of their place for a month or two). So no MegaTraveller tomorrow.

Seriously, did some gamer brutally murder some other gamer's PC, steal the character sheet and bury it in an unhallowed grave at some point? Because any concerted effort to get a semi-stable regular game going keeps getting flushed down the tubes.

Ah, well. At least it'll give Vickie and I the chance to get some shopping and yard-work out of the way.

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