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Crime Must Be Stopped - No Matter What The Cost

When I bought the Collector's Edition re-release of Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds a year or so ago, I remeber being very surprised to discover that the most well-known song from that album - "Forever Autumn," performed by Justin Hayward - actually started life as a jingle that Jeff Wayne wrote for a Lego commercial. It was originally given lyrics by Paul Vigrass and Gary Osbourne after the jingle became so popular that people wrote in, asking whether there was any more of it (the out-takes CDs even feature the original jingle and the Vigrass & Osbourne single). As Jeff Wayne noted in the making-of DVD that came with the set, he was trying to write a tune like "Forever Autumn" for that moment in the Musical, but eventually gave up and used that tune instead (why not? It's a perfect fit).

In a curious parallel, I was reading a recent interview with Eighties power-rocker Stan Bush, a man beloved by Transformers fans because of his tunes "Dare" and "The Touch", which appeared in the Transformers animated movie. In the interview, he relates that:

We originally wrote "The Touch" for a Sylvester Stalone movie called Cobra, but the record company got the songs in "Transformers: The Movie" instead.

So all this time, when we thought Stan was singing about Optimus Prime, it was really Sly Stallone who had the "mighty hands of steel"?

I don't think I'll ever be able to listen to that tune in quite the same way again... :-D

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