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The Week That Was: March 2007

The new loan I mentioned a couple of posts ago came though, so we spent around a grand and a half on Sunday. First, we dashed off to the annual Home & Lifestyle Show, where we bought a new vacuum cleaner and a back massager (which I think Vickie will find invaluable). After that, we nipped over to Bunnings where we got a petrol-powered whipper-snipper, some new towel rails for the bathroom and down-piping for the gutters on our entertainment area. On that last, it looks as though I’ll be doing some digging fairly soon; we want to try and re-run our guttering from the backyard to the road. It’s already cracked in at least two places.

Saturday’s barbecue was a fizzle, unfortunately. My own fault; I gave most of our invitees less than a week’s notice, which isn’t exactly conducive to attendance. We think we’ll try and hook up with our friends for lunches in the next few weeks. We’re starting with a couple whom I met on the bus a couple of weeks ago (when the car was in for service). David and Mahala are a pretty cool pair who actually live in Gordonvale, and they invited us over for a cuppa this coming Sunday. After that we’re tripping down to Mission Beach on Easter Sunday to meet Christine and Graham, and we want to try and hook up with a couple of other couples Bruce and Antigone and Patrick and Lyn, once Easter is out of the way.

On Wednesday, Vickie and I headed over to the Flexible Learning Centre for a Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme celebration. Several mentor-mentee pairings had reached the end of their six-month mentoring period; they presented the audience with the projects they’d been working on. My mentee couldn’t come, as his family’s getting ready for a wedding. Still, we got to catch up with some of the folks from our training class.

Finally, last Tuesday I dashed off to Edge Hill to join a game of indoor soccer that some folks from work have organised. We’re part of a league and have our first ranked match-up this evening. Indoor soccer is a very exhausting sport. You play on an area slightly larger than a tennis court, which means lots of quick, short sprints. The pitch is surrounded by netting, so there’s no such thing as putting the ball over the line – although the ball isn’t allowed to go above shoulder-height (or chest-height, if it’s a mixed or female team). After four ten-minute quarters last week, I was pretty much buggered! Ah, well; it’s helping me get fit!

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