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Give My Library More Good SF

I've been spending a bit of time at the Cairns Library lately, especially since discovering that it's actually rather well-stocked with good SF. Most recently, I've been gorging on the work of David Weber. He is awesome. My carnal lust for this guy knows no bounds. He is a master of mixing stories of warfare, with tactics, strategy, hardware and politicking, in with very enjoyable human stories. I got into him through his stories set in the universe created by Keith Laumer, the universe of the Bolos. In my opinion, of the many authors who’ve tilted at the Bolo windmill, his work has been the best.

As a side-note, it’s my firm opinion that the Bolo stories are the best anti-Terminator fiction I’ve ever read. You know what I’m talking about, right? All those thrilling tales about Man’s hubris and how his technological children will strike him down, from Big Arnie to the new Battlestar Galactica? Well, the Bolo stories could well be about that, given that Bolos are massive, self-aware tanks built to fight Man’s wars – except, in pretty much every case, it’s the Bolos, and the humans who command them, who teach Humanity about loyalty, duty and sacrifice.

At the moment, I’m making my way through two series: Weber’s Honor Harrington novels, about a female, far-future, spacegoing Horatio Hornblower, and the March novels written with John Ringo (who co-wrote the Bolo novel The Road to Damascus with Linda Evans), about a troop of Marines marooned on a hostile planet with the foppish prince they’re tasked with protecting. I’m waiting on the Cairns Library to get the third novel, March to the Stars, in.

Unfortunately, the library is missing some of the Honor Harrington novels, including the third in the series, and after reading one and two I don’t really want to “skip ahead”. So, do any of you have, or know someone who has, copies of the novels The Short Victorious War, Honor Among Enemies and Ashes of Victory that they’re willing to part with? I’ll cover the cost of postage, and once I’m done with them they’ll go to the library.

Anyway, while I’m waiting, I’m also making my way through Eisenhorn, a collection of Dan Abnett’s novels and short stories set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, about an Imperial Inquisitor and his retinue. I’d heard good things about Abnett, but I was rather turned off of Warhammer 40,000 fiction by Ian Watson’s grim and gruesome Space Marine. Abnett has managed to restore my interest in the universe; I’m starting to see how the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 RPG could actually be interesting and fun.

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I just finished reading the first of the Horus Heresy books by Abnett. I like his style very much and plan on picking up some more of his works. Horus Rising is an excellent read and I highly recommend it.

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