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This Post Brought To You By The Colour Blue

That's right, folks; I'm typing this at you via my very own PC! I'm back up and running again, and all it cost was $200! On top of that, my PC is now glowing more blue than ever! How is my PC blue? Let me count the ways...

  • The original 12cm air intake fan on the front of the case, which glows blue.
  • The additional 12cm air extraction fan I installed on the rear of the case, which glows blue.
  • The 12cm air intake fan on my new CoolerMaster RealPower 550-Watt power supply unit, which glows blue.
  • The power supply monitor panel nested in my case's 3.5" drive bay, which glows blue.
  • ... and, er, the 12" cold cathode tube I bought with the PSU and mounted on the floor of my case (look, it was fifteen bucks, and I was buying the PSU from PC Case Gear anyway, so I thouht, hey, why not). Which. You know. Glows blue.
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