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The Return Of The Grin With Legs

Well, as half the people I know in Cairns are doing it, I figured I maight as well jump on the bandwagon and get myself a MySpace. If you're reading this, Jonathan Geoffrey Hughes, Esq., the name is all your fault.

It's my intention to keep this web log as my main web log (i.e. all about me!), whereas My Space will be all about connections with friends and where (and when) I'm going / I've been out and about. I'll put a post a week up there, at the very least with links to the week's posts over here, ideally also with what I've been up to and what I'm getting up to. So "Events & Get-Togethers" will probably be over there instead of on here.

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It might be nice if you allowed your wife access to your profile.<g>

What do you mean, "if I allowed my wife access", woman? Of course I allowed my w-

Oh, wait a second. Ah. Bloody privacy settings. Okay, hang on... yes, make available to public - aha. Right. That should be fixed now!

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