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Shakin' Stevens

Well, I get into work this morning to discover that there's been an undersea earthquake this morning near the Solomon Islands, and that Cairns is at risk of a tsunami. Apparently we're supposed to start feeling any effects at around ten to ten this morning.

Of course, this'd have to happen on my first day of jury duty, wouldn't it?

Wish us luck...

UPDATE 12:09PM: The good news is, we're all still here, alive and fine! The judge decided to send the pool of prospective jurors home, just in case. In the end, the earthquake generated some waves, but none of them were strong enough to reach us. I'll be dropping Vickie off for a 1:30 appointment in Cairns then pootling back into work.

The bad news is that, although the waves didn't reach us, they, and the quake which caused them, did strike the Solomons badly. There's been significant damage and, I hear, a few deaths.

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