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Random Acts of Libraryness

Well, as I think I merntioned recently, I've been going through the Cairns Library's stock of SF novels at a rate of knots. I polished Eisenhorn off last night - an entertaining and gripping read, much more than just a product tie-in; it really made the Warhammer 40,000 universe human - and, as I had a little time today, wandered back into the Library at lunch to see what else I could get.

I suddenly found myself in the mood to broaden my palate a bit, and, eschewing my habit, browsed the non-fiction shelves instead of my regular haunt. I decided to just pick up four books that caught my interest. I nearly picked up an autobiography of John Glenn, but decided to stay away from space stuff for the moment. In the end, I walked out with:

  • Judaism for Dummies. This one just caught my eye for some reason. I know less about Judaism than I know about Christianity, and what I know about Christianity could probably fill a couple of A4 pages. I dunno, the thought of reading up about Judaism just - and this is going to sound flippant, I know, but I mean it kindly - tickled me.
  • The Holy Thief: A Con Man's Journey from Darkness to Light, by Mark Horowitz. This is an autobiography whose subject is a man who grew up in the sixties and seventies to become a con man, grifter and crook until, later in life, he experienced a personal revelation and turned his life utterly around. It was close on the shelf to Judaism for Dummies, but I didn't pick it up at first; still, after browsing most of the rest of the shelves I went back for this one.
  • PC Modding for Dummies. Well, it ain't gonna be happening any time soon, I think; I've already got a cool, pre-modded case (and several blue lights in it). But I figure it's still nice to read about, and I might well pick up some new bits of info on PC hardware - well, most probably, as my knowledge of PC hardware pales in comparison to many.
  • The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, by James Logan and R.R. McIan. A little back-to-my-roots stuff, I guess; I really know very little about most fo the beanches of my family, and as soon as I saw this I figured it was high time to get some background on at least one of them. The Farquharson clan is indeed featured. We couldn't find Vickie's clan, Eyres, but she reckons they were a lowland clan anyway.

Based on the first two books, you could say I suddenly seem interested in matters spiritual, and you, gentle reader, mightn't be far wrong. Hell, even the March series can be seen, as well as I somehow doubt I'll actually find religion, as it were, but maybe I'm trying to find my way to something nonetheless.

Or maybe i'm just navel-gazing. Still, there's nothing wrong with broadening one's knowledge while one's doing it!

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It was originally spelled Ayre...as in Ayreshire. Those nasty sassenachs kept changing it to suit themselves.


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