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Frank's Two Thousand Inch TV

It all started on Saturday. We had our three, maybe four-stop shopping trip all planned out. First to Sportscene, for some new joggers for me (the lining of my last ones had come loose and were rubbing against my feet); next to Haven & Space (homewares store) for a browse; then Bunnings for soil and other garden supplies and possibly Melsonrock Garden Centre for some plants and herbs.

Things started to go awry, as they tend to, in Haven & Space. Vickie pointed out the complementary coffee table for our lounge suite (purchased from H&S last year, per the previous comment re: things going awry), which I said we'd think about getting. Then we spotted an entertainment unit nestled under a set of drawers, which went perfectly with our CD cabient in the living room (the entertainment unit, not the drawers). I figured the existing, multi-part, chipboard unit was due to be replaced anyway, and the one-piece looked the goods.

Then Vickie made the fatal mistake of jesting that we'd really need a flat screen TV for it.

And I took her semi-seriously.

See, there's a Retravision across the road from Haven & Space. At the Christmas party my company threw for its favoured clients last year, one of our sales reps introduced me to one of that Retravision's managers, who told me to come see him whenever we wanted anything electrical and he'd do me a deal. So we pootled over the road and browsed, and our attention was immediately grasped by a Sony Bravia KDL-40X2000. The picture was glorious, and we got a nice little discount on the sticker price.

Now, we have enough extra on our loan account to spare, but we're being careful; we don't want to be saddled with a debt that we'll be paying off for decades. Still, we have a few grand's wiggle-room even after we bought the TV (we paid our credit cards off last week, so that's those debts cleared), so we figure, what the heck.

Now, around the time Vickie mentioned "Widescreen", I started thinking "Xbox 360". I asked the sales assistant, who assured us that the Bravia could handle game console output fine. So we splurged. Then we dashed over to Harvey Norman and bought an Xbox 360. Karl got the TV and the entertainment unit home for us in his ute, and we spent Saturday afternoon setting the new kit up and reorganising cables (which are now much neater than before). Karl also got the old Xbox and the games I didn't want any more.

So we missed Bunnings and Melsonrock on Saturday. But we'll pop in there tomorrow - okay, as it's gone midnight, today. And make a quick dash to Earlville, where I'll see aobut a copy of Battlestar Galactica Season 2 on DVD. And maybe Gears of War and a Live headset. I'll also see if I can get a decent photo of the entertainment unit tomorrow, during the day; I took one earlier on, but our digital camera hates night time lighting.

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