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Living in a Box (Arcade Stylin’ Remix)

What more, I hear you ask? Well, the Xbox Live service doesn’t just offer online gaming, patches and maps; it also offers what’s called Xbox Live Arcade, a mix of recent, web-based casual games like Bejeweled and Zuma and classic games like Defender, Jetpac and Paperboy. Trial versions are available for free, and spending Microsoft Points will unlock the full versions, complete with Gamerscore-increasing achievements and online play. 600 Points will bag a couple of these games, and you can get a thousand points for under $20.

Of the various games on offer, I’m really interested in one: Worms. It’s the classic 2D version, gussied up with cute hi-def (but still firmly 2D) graphics; none of this 3D-accellerated, third-person shit, thank you! I’ve downloaded the demo and am keen to unlock it; I reckon it’d make a fantastic party game!

I’m semi-keen on Alien Hominid HD, and evilhayama hipped me to Wing Commander Arena, a fun looking game due on Arcade later this year.

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