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We're Gonna Need A Bigger Fence...

I just remembered; a very disturbing incident happened last week. A few weeks ago, a young couple purchased the house whose yard borders on the back of ours (a low fence with a gate separates them). We’ve met them once, after our dogs went spare at them while they were trying to get the place sorted out; they’ve yet to properly move in.

One weekday afternoon (I was, naturally, at work) Vickie chatting with the young bloke, Glenn I think his name is, over the back fence during one of his visits to work on the house. Our dogs were inside, and Brook, who’d just come home after school, opened the back door. Ziggy, our red cattle dog, immediately raced out, charged the back fence, vaulted the gate and lunged at Glenn, biting him on the arm! Vickie had to wrestle Ziggy back through the gate and into the dog-run at the side of our house. From what Vickie told me, Glenn was pretty badly shaken by the attack, and we all – especially Glenn – are very, very lucky that Ziggy only got his arm (instead of, say, his throat or face), and even then not deeply.

Nonetheless, we’ve had a Council inspector come around and serve us a notice that we have insufficient fencing around our yard to properly keep Ziggy within it, as he himself ably demonstrated. We’ve since made some room in our renovations budget for new, tall fencing panels, front and rear, and Vickie’s looking for quotes. We’re also keeping a much more careful eye on Ziggy in the meantime.

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