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In Other News

Evilhayama just cracked 1,000 points on his Gamerscore.

What, me? Oh, you know, just tw hrndrd n frkn ffty.

Curse that man and his lack of anything else to do...

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"Curse that man and his lack of anything else to do..."

Hey hey, no need to get personal! :P

I'd like to thank Crackdown for being awesome enough for me to get 500+ points, and my mum.

Very fair point, mate; that was more than a bit snarky.

Still, I will catch up with you. This long weekend, I promise. Yes, I have Monday off! Muahahahaha- er, excuse me...

(What's that, love? Renovating? But - Gamerscore, and - Oh, okay then.)

Scratch that last, sir. Looks like the crown will remain yours! :-D

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