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Laundry List

Okay, enough of this Gamerscore-fuelled babble. Time for a change of subject: Renovations!

At the moment, the Big Project is the laundry. For those who’ve not been keeping up, we’ve not technically had a laundry until recently. For years, our laundry has been an annex of the lounge, a space on the southern side of the lounge room that was divided from the main living space only by a chipboard cabinet and later by a pair of pine bookshelves.

When we started the main round of renovations, Karl built a timber skeleton for a wall, to which we attached villa board sheeting and a sliding door. We also bought a replacement for the laundry sink, which was slowly rusting out. We were planning to sheet over the laundry and re-do the plumbing and electrics. However, our priorities at the time were the lounge and the kitchen, and once we were done with those our resources, physical, mental and financial, were exhausted.

Now that we’ve refinanced, we’ve had Karl back over to finish the re-sheeting, which he’s mostly done; all that’s remaining is a panel or two on the back wall. Some of the cinder blocks in the side wall had been laid so that their holes were facing intothe laundry (allowing air in); Karl knocked these out and hand-cut a scrap windowframe he's had lying around for a while to size. We now have direct access from the laundry to the clothesline outside (and light for hanging stuff out at night). Have I mentioned how brilliant that man is?

We’ve had a plumber in to re-run the piping for the sink and washing machine and the existing plug points have been moved and expanded. The main work once that last sheet goes up will be painting, which is what, I think, we’re planning to tackle over this Labour Day long weekend. The panelling, gapping and sealing should be done by tomorrow evening, allowing us to get stuck in with the rollers on Sunday. Ideally, we'll have a fully-functioning laundry by Monday night!

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