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Still Thinkin' Like A Die-Roller

So as I mentioned in the last post, Karl's over here today finishing up the panelling of the laundry walls. Ten minutes ago, Vickie tells me that Karl's just been showing her this new tool he's got: a knockrometer. "You know what it is?" she asked.

"What, he knocks on the wall or something?" I said.

"No, a hammer," Vickie replied.

I had a chuckle, then went back to getting changed after a hard day in the garden (Vickie had a harder one, but still).

A minute later, I was suddenly seeing an Alpha Complex R&D lab, with a high-end-of-the-spectrum technician handing a knockrometer to some hapless RED-clearance Troubleshooter.

"Wait a second - this is a hammer!" the 'Shooter says.

"No, citizen, it's a knockrometer," the tech replies.

"Now hang on, I wasn't born yesterdaycycle," the 'Shooter insists, "and this is definitely a hammer."

"Oh, really? And what security clearance are you, friend citizen?"


"No wonder, when you can't tell the difference between a hammer and a knockrometer."

Ahh, PARANOIA. Someday, I must run thee again...

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I seem to remember the last Paranoia game ending in multiple grenade induced deaths.

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