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Nowhere to Hide

As my PC's been a bit flaky lately, what with the power warnings and such, I start fiddling with the Xbox 360 more often. I mean, console hardware, nothing's gonna go wrong there, right?

Fucker freezes on me. Twice in two, maybe three days. Both times playing Burnout: Revenge.

Right at the moment, I have a problem PC, and I'm not sure whether it's the graphics card, power supply or something else (maybe the motherboard or, as a deleted file keeps re-appearing on my desktop after each restart, maybe the freaking hard drive), and also a problem Xbox, and I'm not sure whether it's the console or just the specific game. After having played extended bouts of the equally graphically-intensive Gears of War with nary a twitch, I have to think it might be the latter - but it's the uncertainty that kills you. Especially in PC-ville where identifying the trouble component could well involve a trial-and-error process of replacing old components with new ones. Which, of course, cost money. And considering the age of my mobo (AGP8X graphics, to those familiar with PC terminology), replacement of the graphics card or mobo will mean replacement of both.

On the Xbox front, at least, I can call Microsoft under warranty and see what they reckon. The PC has also quietened down since I decreased my standard resolution. Here's hoping...

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I would think it was the game for the XBOX. I don't know much about the cartrages, but they do have circuitry, so there is probably a fault there. Probably ESD related. What is the warrenty like for the games?

Hi, Dan,

The 360, like the Xbox before it, uses DVDs instead of cartridges. I paid a little extra at EB for a one-year warranty on the game disc, so I might give that a whirl.

It does sound like the game is causing errors .. possibly a memory freeze ?? Especially considering other games are playing fine.

there is issues shown on the xbox forum

Thanks for looking that up, Marcus! I'm glad to read I'm not alone, but sorry to read that it seems to be a problem with the game code itself. Burnout: Revenge is otherwise a fantastic game!

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