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Dangerous Dog

When I called Vickie earlier on, she told me she’d had another visit from a Council inspector. Ziggy has been officially listed as a dangerous dog, and we need to get the fencing situation sorted out as soon as we can. We also need to buy a muzzle, which he’s not allowed off our property without.

Vickie’s called some fencing places, and most reckoned they wouldn’t be able to get out to us for at least another six weeks, and that’s just to provide a quote. Thankfully, one place is sending someone out to take a look on Wednesday, so with any luck we should be able to move quickly. The inspector was happy with Vickie's assurance that, when not inside the house, we can keep Ziggy safely in the side run, so that's bought us some time. Still, we need that fencing done sooner rather than later.

We’re looking at at least twice the fencing we originally thought, though. After Ziggy attacked him, Glenn told Vickie that he was planing to put a fence up along the border of our properties. He didn't want anything for it as he'd got a good rate on the supplies and some volunteer help with the labour. Today, though, the Council inspector told Vickie that Glenn had decided not to go ahead with the fence after all - in other words, as there’s now a legal onus on us to ensure proper fencing for Ziggy, he’s now forcing us to install a fence instead (and pay the whole cost).

It seems unfair, not to mention a little rude. Vickie wants to have a word with Glenn soon, just to make sure we understand his position from him and not just via the Council; then we'll go from there.

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