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Wiki Down; Gaming Down

I popped into my Wiki today, fearing that it had become a haven for Wikispam in my absence, only to discover that it seems to have broken down. Every page is giving me an SQL database error message.

I’m not sure if I’ll ask Marcus whether he can fix it up. I think today was the first time in a good couple of months that I’d gone anywhere near it. Also, it’s not really being used as I hoped it would; the various campaigns mooted in the last six months have all tripped at the gate and I lost interest in the last Lexicon game I tried to organise, many moons ago. In that regard, I think I’ll just take it down to make room for more blog posts. (I still have to do some fix-ups on Vickie’s blog…)

You know, I’d mentioned quitting the hobby a couple of times last year to Vickie. Back then, I was still invested in the hobby and the idea of giving up hope on being part of a working campaign wasn’t a pleasant one.

Now, though, the thought of not participating in an RPG session again just doesn’t bother me much any more. Let’s face it; my RPG career has consisted more of reading books and dreaming about games than actually playing. With a library so close, I can still read books (new books instead of the same old RPG texts over and over) and dream, I just don’t have to torture myself by thinking of all the gaming I’m not doing any more.

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Quitting may be a bit drastic, I have put my boardgaming hobby on the backburner many times, for much the same reasons you've had problems with role playing. I've just kept a few easy to learn games around, and thought that if I happen to find someone who might be interested, I'll pull them out. If that doesn't happen for years, meh.

Jake, thanks for commenting. Yeah, I guess "quitting" is a bit too harsh a word. If the opportunity arose, I'd be up for a game, it's just that I don't see the opportunity arising anytime soon.

I was about to say that a board game is usually quicker to set up and play than an RPG, but on the other hand, there's InSpectres, which is pretty bloody quick!

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