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Gremlins in the Circuitry

Computers are really starting to give me the gyp lately, if you'll pardon the expression. My PC is still giving me the not-enough-power-to-the-graphics-card warning messages. Vickie's keyboard packed it in sometime between last night and this morning, and Brook's semi-flaky junkyard spec PC (often unwilling to start first time) hung in the middle of a game of The Sims this evening.

It's getting very tempting to put a few grand of the loan towards some new hardware. I'm going to put my PC in with a friend from soccer who runs his own PC business, in the hope that, at the very least, he'll be able to identify which of my parts is faulty, power-wise. I have the feeling it's the motherboard, and that episode with the overheated PSU did more damage than it first seemed, but if that's the case, I'll need not just a new mobo, but a new CPU, a new, PCI-Express graphics card and maybe even new RAM.

In that case, it's tempting to go whole hog and replace everything bar the PSU, DVD writer and case; if my last issue of Atomic is any indication I can get myself a decent spec machine (Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 processor, Gigabyte mobo, 2GB RAM, GeForce 8800GTS graphics card, 320GB SATA hard drive) for around $1,400. I'd want to double Vickie's RAM while I was at it, and put my current graphics card in her PC if it's not the malfunctioning part. Our current RAM could go into a new PC for Brook - new mobo and processor maybe $330, up to $400 with a new 160GB hard drive, maybe $500-550 with an all-new case and PSU, then a new graphics card for an extra $250 - I could get away with upgrading all our PCs for under $2,500. Again, depending on which part or parts in my PC were faulty. If my current one were still good, we'd wind up with an excess graphics card from Vickie's PC, which could go to Karl.

Anyway, it's nice to drool over parts, but I've got the car booked in to have this ABS problem fixed, the new fence should be going in on the weekend, and there are still a couple of ways we want to spend our money. So we'll see what my friend's diagnosis is first. It might be the problem is very easily fixable and I won't have to pay a thing (outside of his per-hour charge); after all, I'm doing most of my gaming on the 360 at the moment.

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I hear you on the bad PC mojo. Mine is showing signs of trouble. It takes a full five minutes for Civ 4 to fully load and I can forget network gaming. It is mostly likely a fan issue for both the motherboard and graphics card are getting really hot. The only fan I don't see spinning is the AGP fan. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to fork out 3K to go see my Dad before it is too late. I might consider upgrading. It will likely have to wait until after tax return time.

This would be the post that prompts me to write for the first time my good man!
I can honestly say that you are the unluckiest man ever to walk this earth when it comes to computers. Also it explains why I haven't seen you online for an age or more.

! Cazman! Holy sheet! Glad to read you, mate!

Yeah, me and PCs, we just don't seem to get on great. Wish I knew why; maybe soemthing I did in a past life.

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