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I dropped the car off at the local authorised Ford service centre yesterday morning – and promptly got a “she’s ready for pickup” call at midday. Turns out the ABS problem was caused by rats chewing through the sensor cable leading to one of the front wheels.

I was disappointed by the bill, though. I'd been dreading the repair work for a good few months because of the hit I was expecting we'd take to the mortgage, but I was really not expecting it to set us back one whole hundred dollars. This is going to change the spec for that upgrade I was planning quite severely. I might even be forced to get a more powerful laptop than I was originally planning now, maybe even a faster CPU for my PC as well. After all the drama I’ve had with our computers lately, it’s almost heartbreaking that, thanks to this bill for the car, I won’t be able to go ahead with my original plan.

Only almost, though.

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Rats eh?
Probably good news that the tastiest thing they can find is your cars' ABS wire and not the house electrical cable!

Rats in the gas tank, boom, boom.

Or to quote Indain Jones, "there were rats Dad."

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