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The Upgrade Square Dance

I will say this: Insomnia is pretty good for blogging. Last night I was thinking of writing a post, but just didn’t feel in the mood. I suddenly woke up an hour ago and my brain refused to switch itself off again. I listened to Paul Tevis’ latest Have Games Will Travel podcast for about an hour, then decided the hell with it; I’ll get that post written.

It’s five past five AM as I start this, by the way.

Okay, then. What’s been going on?

Firstly, and most recently, I went on that big computer stuff splurge that’s been in the offing. I had to get some stuff done on the north side of the city on Saturday morning, and stopped off at the local branch of The Good Guys on the way home. I wound up taking advantage of their June stocktake sale, walking out with a Toshiba Satellite A100, an LG Flatron 20.1” widescreen LCD monitor and a 4GB iPod Nano for Brook, as hers had suddenly packed it in. As Brook hadn’t got a decent eighteenth birthday present from us, I figured I’d get her a new, green one (Brook’s favourite colour) at the sale. It turned out that all her old one needed was an update from Apple – so after we cleared all her music files off of it, I inherited it.

And it is nifty, I will tell you. I ripped my Steely Dan collection from CD to it yesterday and will likely do the same for Def Leppard, but the best thing about it is podcasts. I can now listen to the latest Sons of Kryos, Have Games Will Travel or 2D6 Feet in a Random Direction both at my convenience (lunch breaks, waiting to pick Daryl up in the evening, in bed at 4AM) and without bothering Vickie, who’s always driven up the wall by the accents the hosts (and guests) speak in – no, not the American accent per se, but the very nasal accent a lot of Americans seem to have adopted in the past few years. Come on, guys! You don’t need to be a nation of Kermit The Frogs! Project from the diaphragm!

Ahem. Anyway, Vickie’s still not one hundred percent on the whole laptop idea. The Toshiba comes with Windows Vista pre-installed and with no OS disc; apparently that’s how laptop owners like it these days. The biggest stumbling block is all the save games for Vickie’s various Popcap games. Under XP they’re saved in clearly labelled directories; however, after installing and registering Peggle Deluxe, it appears that under Vista these games manage their saves differently; there’s no gamedata directory under the Peggle folder, and where that info is stored I don’t know, so I can’t copy her saves across – and losing her saves will make Vickie very grouchy (so much so that I‘ve even contemplated taking the laptop back). Querying the Net for help has been useless; apparently any sites for these games are dedicated to selling and/or downloading them, not maintaining them - I guess such issues just aren't a regular concern for the casual audience that buys the games. I’ll have to try searching the hard drive for the file names, see if I can track the saves under Vista down that way. Vickie’s also still making up her mind about the 20.1” wide, as it’s smaller vertically than the BenQ 19” flat panel (which I’ve, er, inherited). It’s not a big deal; if she doesn’t like it I’ll nab it and give her the BenQ back.

I also took the Cazman up on his offer to buy my new PC parts from a distributor in Auburn. I’ve come out of it pretty well, paying around $1,200 for parts that I thought would cost me closer to $1,500. I’m modifying my hand-me-down plans a little; I think I’ll take my existing Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz processor, mobo, RAM and hard drive and put them in Vickie’s case for Brook with Vickie’s hard drive, then take Vickie’s existing AMD 2400+ processor, mobo and RAM and put them in Brook’s case so that Brook’s mum can take a decent PC back to Melbourne with her. Although Brook’s current PC isn’t arguing at startup any more, it still hangs every so often during operations, so I figure we’ll use proven parts in it so Gemma has something stable as well.

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Yawn...OK so I stayed in bed until 8am.
btw the Peggle saved games are working now - I thought you did something brilliant, but it appears you didn't and it fixed itself anyway. LOL. They've been working since Monday night.
Have I told you I love you?


You might want to hold the kissies, love. Since Sunday you've been using your old PC, not the laptop. I've not re-connected it to the peripherals yet because of the savegame issues.

Oh well, you're worth the kisses anyway.

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