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Fuck and Double Fuck

I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks now. It's kinda good news, but it's sort of not, you know?

So one day, I get this e-mail from the Steely Dan mailing list. They've already organised a 2007 tour of some US based venues, but now they've extended it: they're hitting Europe, Japan and - for the first time ever - Australia. They're playing a few venues for one night each, and they hit the closest venue to us, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, on September 16th.

I'm not going without Vickie, so we'd be looking at two concert tickets (either $99 or $140 each), two return airfares and one hotel room; a pretty pricey endeavour, I'm sure you'll agree. After the recent splurging, I'm not sure we'll be able to cram this in.

But what arrives in my inbox a few days later? An e-mail from the Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds website: Jeff's sellout tour of the UK is ALSO coming to Australia, and it plays the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on September the fucking 13th.

So unless we can somehow swing a four-night holiday in Brisbane (two words: win Lotto ), it's one or the other - and given the choice, I'd be off to the Dan. But why did they have to be so close together? The bastards! The cruel, heartless bastards!

In the meantime, please consider this a heads up to any fans of either or both acts. Go and enjoy!

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Wow that would be cool. Um there is a chance that I maybe getting a job in Brisbane. It is too early to tell yet, so I will let you know.

Time to make friends with spare rooms that live in brisbane! :P

If they have their own plane, all the better

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