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You Only Live Once

Further to my last post: Vickie and I decided, "What the hell?" and splurged on two tickets (silver; the golds had all sold out) to Steely Dan. We're flying down to Brisbane on Sunday, September 16th, seeing the concert, staying overnight in a nearby hotel then flying back again on Monday. Naturally, I'm taking Monday off.

We figure, there's a chance Jeff will bring the tour out here again sometime, whereas Don Fagen and Walt Becker are such a pair of contrary bastards that we have on idea if/when we'll get another Dan album, much less when they'll tour again - if you're a Danfan, you'll know that they quit touring in the middle of their seventies career to concentrate on writing and recording and didn't tour again until the mid-nineties (the next album was still five, six years away). Besides, I've added all of the War of the Worlds tracks we own to my iPod nano's memory.

Plus, there's an upcoming development or two which makes taking more than a day or two off in September impractical. More on that as soon as some paperwork gets reviewed and probably signed.

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