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Well, Who Could Blame Her?

It's been an anticipatory couple of weeks, I have to say. Not only are we a couple of weeks away from the opening of Transformers, but not long ago, Channel Ten started running ads for the BBC TV series Torchwood, the spin-off series of Doctor Who (something of a surprise, as the source series is screening on the ABC). Brook seemed interested in Torchwood - most likely because of its strapping leading man, Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman - so I decided to bring her up to speed by introducing her to Season 1 of the new Doctor Who. On Friday night, I showed her the first couple of episodes, which she said were "weird", and I'd planned to skip ahead to "Dalek", but we were interrupted by the arrival of some of Brook's friends, and she wandered out with them for the rest of the evening.

I was on my way home from my mentoring session on Saturday afternoon when I figured I'd stop off at the video store and pick up a movie or two (there's usually not much on TV on Saturday nights). I wound up walking out with The World's Fastest Indian and Gridiron Gang. Deena dropped over for dinner and I brough tup watching the movies - and Brook surprised the crap out of me by asking why we weren't watching some more Doctor Who instead. I say surprised, as she'd once commented that Firefly's special effects looked fake, and I reckond the work of the BBC effects department would be even less palatable.

However, Brook had taken a shine to Chris Eccleston's Doctor (well, after all, what sane human being wouldn't?) and wanted to see more. So I whacked the second DVD in the player and queued up "Dalek", then followed on with the first Captain Jack episodes, "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances". Deena left a little later on, but in the end Vickie, Brook and I were up until around half past one this morning, going from "Dances" to "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting of the Ways" (just to make sure Brook's all set for the first Torchwood episode on Monday night), then back to fill in some of the gaps with "The Unquiet Dead", "Aliens of London" and "World War Three". This still leaves "The Long Game", "Father's Day" and "Boom Town" in Season 1 (which, as it's a miserable, soggy day, we can probably knock over today), plus all of Season 2, with David Tennant as the tenth Doctor.

Now, I'd planned on having some time to pick up the Season 2 boxed set - probably with some birthday money - and catch Brook up on that before Season 3 starts. Well, you know what I was saying about it being an anticipatory couple of weeks? Well, the next couple are going to be even more anticipatory - you see, Thursday the 28th of June is not only the opening night of Transformers in Australian theatres, but, according to a quick Google search a few minutes ago, it's also the date when the ABC will screen the first episode of Season 3 of Doctor Who.

The problem is that its prime time slot, 8:30PM, is the same timeslot as Vickie's beloved Law & Order: SVU.

So not only am I going to have to snag the Season 2 boxed set earlier than I'd planned so Brook is fully ready to go by the 28th, but I think Vickie's going to have to make a horrid, horrid choice on Thursday week. At least it's not an ongoing dilemma; subsequent episodes will be run at the usual timeslot, Saturdays at 7:30PM.

[UPDATE 9:00AM:] Actually, I just told a sleepy Vickie about the Season 3 premiere and the SVU conflict. She uttered two words:

"Stuff SVU."

Well, who could blame her?

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