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Good Review News and Bad Review News

Well, the good news is that Transformers is getting some positive press. I've not been hunting down reviews, mind you, but I couldn't resist going to the website of At the Movies, a TV show hosted by long-time movie reviewers David Stratton and Margaret Pomeranz, and they both gave the film a three-and-a-half stars out of five, along with some nice comments in the actual review. Mind that (on their ABC show at least) they've only both ever given five-star ratings to Brokeback Mountain and Good Night, and Good Luck; a joint three-and-a-half puts Transformers in the same league as Before Sunset, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie and Serenity.

For you American readers, David and Maragert occupy a similar cultural space here to that of Ebert & Roeper; most Australian urbanites know who "David & Margaret" are. Heck, Wikipedia tells me that both duos' shows share the name!

The bad news is that reviews of the Transformers computer/video game havent been anywhere near as kind. The first review I read, GameSpot's, summed the game up as repetitive and mediocre, with several flaws, and gave it a flat six out of ten (GameSpot likes to use the decimal point). The review aggregator site GameStats paints a similar picture, very few reviews give the game better than a six. Frustrating camera, awkward controls, dull combat and near-pointless vehicle modes all come up time and again in the review texts.

I hope you'll pardon my presumption here, but on the off-chance that anyone out there is planning to buy the game as a birthday present for me, (a) you're an utter, loveable loony, each one or several of you and (b) please save your money, or at least spend it on something else.

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6 hours 15 minutes until I am happily sitting in my seat at the GU on George Street for the 9:20pm showing. I'm withholding judgement til I see it with my own eyes, Michael Bay not withstanding. Do you want a personal review after?

Cor! Everyone's going to have seen the darn film before me! :-D

No worries, Sallidar - I'll await my own appointed hour without any further review-ness!

Well, It is a must see. It was well done and well paced. I definetly want to see it again.

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