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Only An Hour Of Youth Remaining

Today was my second day of leave, and it's been a busy past few days! Jacqui and Kate arrived from Melbourne on Saturday; they're staying at the Colonial Club until tomorrow, so the past few days has been busy with getting the place ready for both their arrival and Friday night's big party. We've got around twenty people coming, and we've struck the idea of having a theme party - it's getting too damned cold up here of an evening for anyone to want to spend any length of time outside. On Thursday, we're taking our visitors on a trip to Port Douglas, followed by an evening screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (for young Kate's sake, you understand; no one else is particularly interested in it, especially not Vickie or myself).

And tomorrow is the big day itself, the day I turn thirty. Jesus, I know I have absolutely nothing to worry about - by any modern measure of age I'm still a good decade away from the halfway mark - but I do wonder where the hell the last twenty-nine years went.

Anyway, there shall be pictures, I'm sure, which I'll organise and put up on the MySpace photo album. Heck, I still owe you all those photos of me at Rhys' 21st, valiantly trying to down a yard-glass of bourbon and Coke.

Please note that I do not have the infromation required in order to give a certain response to the question of whether there will be a yard glass at my party. You'll have to wait and see. Or not. I'll probably be burning the negatives and erasing the memory cards.

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Happy Birthday. I so wanted to get you a gift I saw in the US while I was there, but time and money weren't on my side.

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