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Flogging Molly

Curse you and your evil birthday presentness, Gavin Lucan.

Curse you to... I dunno. Boils or something.

Everyone else: Irish folk pub rock. It's good.

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You enjoyed it didn't you - so why the complaining?

Or would you have preferred I sent you Manowar's 'The Hell of Steel'instead? :)

NO! Nonono. I don't want you addicting me to another band! You evil, musical-crack dealing, first-hit's-free man, you! :-D

Somehow I doubt Manowar would be your cup of tea - think Spinal Tap made flesh but with the testosterone meter turned up to 11 - THOUSAND.

PS: Did the copy of Keating: The Musical I sent you work?

Not in the car CD player, unfortunately. I'll have to whack it into my PC or the downstairs DVD player.

So I just added Whisky on a Sunday to my Amazon.com profile and the other three studio albums plus Live Behind the Green Door to my shopping basket (not that I'll be buying them yet, but you know, on a whim sometime, maybe) and Amazon spits out recommendations for the Dropkick Murphys. Now I know I've heard you mention these guys a few times, Gav - what're they like?

(Sorry for not checking this sooner.)

The Murphys are much the same blend of Irish instruments (Heavy on the bagpipes) but they're a lot punker, especially the early albums. I'd certainly recommend them, but I'd give them a listen before you buy anything. The 'Live on St Pat's Day' albums is a great sampler and a damn fine album to boot.

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