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Generally Good, Computer-Wise

Hi folks! Well, my the PC is working once again. I’m enjoying the smoothness that the GeForce 8800GTS is bringing to some of my classic games – except Republic Commando, which has been struck down by what some forum threads claim is a driver conflict.

Vickie’s the PC – well, the laptop – is also now her official home of computeryness. I will say that she is fighting a battle with Windows Vista at the moment, the prize of which is her sanity. There was a lot of talk about making Vista more secure in the face of modern digital threats, but I didn’t really realise what that meant until I observed it in use for an extended period. That OS is paranoid, folks. It double-checks almost every program that you execute, just to make sure that it is indeed you, Joe or Jane User, what is using the laptop and not L4rr3 t3h H4x0r down the road. It’s also a bit prickly with the running of some apps, too. I’m definitely hoping to see a service pack that irons out some of the kinks released soon.

Brook’s inherited Vickie’s old PC, and I’ve not had any phone calls asking for stuff to be sorted out, so I think I can assume that’s gone well. Gemma’s PC is mostly working; the only problem remaining is sound. The on-motherboard sound chip is buggered, but the will work fine with a sound card. Only problem is, the sound card went into Brook’s PC. We noticed a marked improvement in sound quality after Vickie moved to the laptop, and that coupled with a barely-functional microphone jack has led me to conclude that the sound facility in Vickie’s old PC was semi-stuffed. So, the SoundBlaster Live in Brook’s old PC (now Gemma’s PC) went into her new one, leaving Gemma’s PC soundless.

Still, that should be fixed soon. A friend at work is giving me a surplus Audigy 2, which will go into Brook’s PC, and the SoundBlaster Live will go back into Gemma’s. After that, the only problem is getting the computer down to Melbourne…

I finally called Xbox Technical Support when Need for Speed: Most Wanted (bought with a little birthday money) locked up on me before the first race even began. I have the feeling that this issue and my problems with Burnout Revenge both stem from a problem mentioned on some forums; a quality control problem caused by Microsoft having to source DVD drives for the 360s from three different manufacturers. I’ve been given some diagnostic tasks to try, and will call back once I’ve tried them.

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You can disable UAC on Vista. Google "Disabling User Access Control"

I'd give more detail but busy day at work today. Good Luck!

Allow or Deny? Sounds just like the Apple Mac Ads!

In the words of Cat from Red Dwarf, Reality Suxs!


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