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Social Networking

This is something of an open letter to anyone who’s thinking of inviting me to join a social network website that you’re a member of. Folks, thank you for thinking of me; it’s good to know that you’re keeping me in mind.

That said, though, I’m really not interested in splitting my attention and online presence any further. I rarely check more than a quarter of the various forums that I’m a member of. I couldn’t be arsed touching my WAYN profile – I’m not going anywhere anytime soon – and I rarely update the MySpace profile I created to hook up with local friends (as most of them had MySpaces already); I still have the results of three or four futsal matches I need to post about. (We’re doing pretty good!) Hell, there are times I’ll leave posting on this very web log for more than a week, resulting in a blank page should anyone post a comment!

So if you’d like to know what I’m up to, please don’t send me an invitation to create a login for Facebook, Friendster, Windows Live Space, Yahoo! 360 or whichever else you find. It’ll just result in one of those insipid pages with aught but a basic bio, a smattering of interests and maybe a handful of photos. Frankly, its rare that I see anyone else's social networking profile that has any more than that, even ones several months old.

Instead, please bookmark this web log add it to your LiveJournal friends list (thanks to EvilHayama for setting the syndication up) or use your web browser's RSS syndication utility. If you want to keep in regular touch, then send me an e-mail, track me down on ICQ, Windows Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger. And if you really want to keep in touch, heck, call us on the phone (or via Skype). You'll find we're a lot more friendly than our seldom-updated social network profiles.

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