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Channel Ten: The Good And The Bad

Did anyone else think that Julia Zemiro was robbed of an Honourable Mention in last night’s Thank God You’re Here? She was having a serious “on” night with that whole medical sketch. Just because Gleisner used to mock the usage of “stat” in that Medico Point radio comedy he used to do is no reason to expect Julia to do so as well, I say!

And did anyone else have a geek moment during Ross Noble’s turn through the door hen the wizard type mentioned Nurgle and the Skaven? Anyone? Anyone in the Brisbane area whose initials are S and D, maybe? I figure Ross has never read or played Warhammer in his life or else he probably would’ve picked the references up and ran with them.

And is anyone else royally pissed off at Ten for suddenly and without warning relegating Torchwood to a graveyard slot on Wednesday? For fuck’s sake, guys! How come you do this with every SF show except Supernatural? The ABC built your audience for you with Doctor Who and yet you still won’t give it a fighting shot at establishing itself on your network! Jesus. You guys sent Vickie off to a website that streams TV shows so that she could watch the rest of the season. Wound up using up over half our monthly Internet download allowance, that did, and it’s all your fault, Ten. You've driven a good woman to such base ends just so she could watch quality TV.

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I'm sorry to say but I agree with shelving Torchwood, it was a let down for me, all the plots were random and uninteresting. It's no Dr Who!

Well to each his own, I suppose (blasphemer). Also, mind you that Babylon 5 needed a season to really find its legs. Still, what REALLY shits me is they replace these shows with lower quality stuff. What did they have on Monday night? A two-hour documentary about the death and resurrection of Jesus. Yeah, thanks a bunch, Ten.

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