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Wagging School

As you may be able to imagine, being the owner of two largish, wilful dogs isn't the eaiest of experiences, especailly when they need to be walked regularly to stay healthy and fit. We have a couple of books on the care and training of dogs, but they've been a little initmidating in terms of all the stuff they seem to reckon I need to know to do the job properly.

Thankfully, Vickie found a website for a five-minute ABC TV show called Wagging School (our overseas audience mightn't realise that the title's actually a pun on some local slang). It contains each episode of the show, which centres on training your dog a particular command. It emphasises repetition and regularity in training, something I've not quite been able to nail down yet, but we've bought some dog treats and I'll start getting stuck in on Friday evening.

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Woof Woof?

I can tell you from person experience that Dogs can certainly learn, you just have to be firm and let the dog(s) know the consequences of doing the wrong thing. Torque knows that he is not allowed near the dinner table, so he actually goes to the back door to get out when it is dinner time. Best of luck!

speaking as someone who has (mostly) trained a cat...
I found it was better to work with D for 5 mins 3 times a day, everyday than try to spend 15 mins a day getting the little snot to do what I wanted him to do.

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