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Wonky Woofers

Our poor dogs haven't had a good time of it lately. A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that Zelda had started - well, not frothing at the mouth, so much, but her saliva had thickened, and she was licking her chops a lot, so her muzzle was covered in spit. She was also often scratching her right ear and eye. Vickie managed to get her into the vet's, who diagnosed her with a yeast infection and prescribed a daily regimen of pills, eye drops and ear drops. She's still on it; we still have a while before the pills run out.

Then there's Ziggy, who's been hacking away like he has a nigh-constant hairball. He's also vomited a couple of times, most recently last ngiht/this morning in the laundry where he and Zel sleep nowadays. We have the feeling that it might actually be worms, and Ziggy's regular medication covers heartworm only, so tomorrow Vickie will put an order in for some more dog-meds and I'll stop by the vet clinic on Mulgrave Road to pick a pill up for Ziggy's immediate consumption.

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