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But Can It Somersault A Land Bridge?

I used to think that the Peugeot Hoggar was the closest we'd ever get to an actual, working Warthog. Then the Bungie lads not-so-subtly hinted in their most recent podcast that those talented lads and lasses in the Land of the Long White Cloud - by which I mean, the Oscar-winning Weta Workshop - had put together something man-size and probably driveable for a series of Halo-based short films being directed by the man pegged by Peter Jackson to helm the aborted film version of the video game.

Now, there is proof. Click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. Yes, that's a real dude manning the AA cannon in back.

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It doesn't look like a Puma from that angle. ;)

I just saw this and thought of you and yes it actually is working.


Hahahaha! I think I haerd about this a few days ago. Unless I'm very much mistaken, the guy at the wheel is none other than "Frankie" O'Connor (ha!), one of the team leads at Bungie and regular host of the Bungie Podcast. The other guys on the most recent cast were giving him shit for crashing the Warthog, and I think that clip was of the incident in question!

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