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MT4 and A CSS Nightmare

As I start this post, it’s a quarter to two in the afternoon, and the temperature in our undercover backyard entertainment area is thirty-two degrees. Quite frankly, I see this as the perfect excuse to stay inside and catch up on some posting. Once again I have a list of topics that I want to catch up on in my notebook, with posts for here, the MySpace and even my GameSpot blog.

That’s actually a pretty good place to start. With the recent launch of version 4 of the Movable Type software that powers my blog, I’m starting to think about how I can get what I see as the hub of my online presence to do a bit more than it does right now. Recent changes have included the addition of profile summaries for my Xfire and Xbox Live user-IDs, as well as an iTunes widget that shows off my recently reviewed podcasts.

What’s tempting me is the idea of using RSS to syndicate MySpace and Gamespot on the main blog here; that way, I can have a single, main “at a glance” page that will show a reader pretty much everything I’ve recently posted without having to navigate back and forth between different blogs. I’ve also re-installed the Last FM client and I wouldn’t mind putting another widget for that somewhere.

Basically, I'm talking about another redesign of the format of the site. This is rather daunting; the last time I tried it I wound up cannibalising a layout from Movalog semi-successfully. I’d like to get a better idea of what I can do and how I can do it this time around, but Cascading Style Sheets are scary things, man, nowhere as easy as HTML.

So I’m asking for help. Can anyone out there either school me in practical CSS or point me toward some good places to learn? And does anyone out there have any funky ideas for things I can do with this here site?

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